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In Vietnam:

  • Time: September 18~20 2024 9:00 AM ~ 17:00 PM
  • Venue: Hanoi International Exhibition Center – I.C.E Hanoi
    91 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Number of Exhibitors: 300 booths (expected)
  • Number of Visitors: 10,000 people (expected)

In Thailand:

  • Time: May 15~18 2024 10:00 AM ~ 18:00 PM
  • Venue: BITEC(88 Debaratna Rd, Bang Na Tai, Bang Na, Bangkok)


  • Time: September 25~27 2024 09:00 AM ~ 17:00 PM (expected)
  • Format: Online Meeting

FBC ASEAN is an international manufacturing trade exhibition held annually in Vietnam and Thailand, combining ONLINE & OFFLINE formats, attracting the participation of hundreds of domestic and foreign businesses, including at least 20 buyers (participating in OFFLINE form) and dozens of buyers (participating in ONLINE form) who are looking for suppliers for localization.

FBC ASEAN promises to bring many potential information and business promotion opportunities to the manufacturing business community, offering participating businesses not simply an exhibition service, but a system ecological connection throughout before, during, and after the event.


Past FBC's results

FBC ASEAN 2023's results

Exhibitors' sharing about FBC

Japanese company Y - precision mechanical processing

In 2022, we visited FBC and had an order with the Exhibitors. So in 2023 we decided to participate in the exhibition and have had many quality connections.

Vietnamese company T
- electrical panel cabinets production

This is our 5th year participating in FBC. We highly recommend FBC. This is truly a professional playground for manufacturing enterprises. This is also an opportunity for businesses in the industry to meet, interact with each other and potentially cooperate in the future.

Japanese company S
- screws and bolts production

Because of our specialized products, we do not engage in regular sales activities. FBC is a trade show specifically for the manufacturing industry, so we have decided to participate in order to introduce our products to customers. Since FBC was organized in Vietnam in 2017, we have participated every year. Initially, we only had 3-4 domestic customers, but now we have up to 50 customers.

Vietnamese company I - mechanical processing, sheet metal

This is only our second year participating in FBC, but according to our feelings when participating in FBC 2022 and FBC 2023, we realized that the FBC exhibition is attractive to many people, with many units interested and coming to visit. During the 3-day exhibition, we had about 200 – 300 visitors visiting our booth interested in our services. We also discussed and had a number of potential customers sign contracts.

Organization information

⚙️ Organizer

NC Network Group is a Japanese unit specializing in connecting manufacturing businesses, owning a database of nearly 40,000 factories in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and China, making millions of connections. in business for nearly 30 years. NC Network’s cyclical connection ecosystem from Online to Offline fully supports the production and business activities of enterprises.

NC Network Vietnam was established in 2010, currently developing an information network of more than 4,000 factories in Vietnam, implementing many business connection programs and information investigation according to the mandate of agencies and organizations. organizations, businesses… Currently NC Network Vietnam is the business support representative (Japan Support Desk) of Saitama provinces (from 2014), Osaka (from 2021), Kouchi (from 2023).

Learn more about NC Network Group’s activities at: https://nc-net.vn/

⚙️ Co-sponsors


Government agencies, business support organizations, credit institutions… in different countries.

THE BANK OF NAGOYA,LTD. / THE MIYAZAKI BANK, LTD. / FIDEA Holdings / The Aichi Bank,Ltd. / THE GIFU SHINKIN BANK / The Juroku Bank, Ltd. / THE SHIGA BANK, LTD. / SHIGA PREFECTURE / THE TOHO BANK / Fukushima Prefecture / THE HACHIJUNI BANK,LTD. / THE HYAKUGO BANK, LTD. / The Bank of Kyoto,Ltd / The Hyakujushi Bank, Ltd. / The Joyo Bank Ltd. / THE NANTO BANK, LTD. / Resona Bank, Limited. / Saitama Resona Bank,Limited / Kansai Mirai Bank, Limited / The Minato Bank, Ltd. / The San-in Godo Bank, Ltd. / THE FUKUI BANK CO,LTD.・FUKUI Pref / THE SHIMIZU BANK,LTD. / Hamamatsu Iwata Shinkin Bank / Sagamihara Industrial Promotion Foundation / KOCHI,JAPAN / Kiraboshi Bank / The 77 Bank,LTD. / City of Sendai / Miyagi Prefectural Government / Gifu Economic and Industrial Promotion Center / THE HEKIKAI SHINKIN BANK / The Shizuoka Bank,Ltd. / THE CHUGOKU BANK,LTD.

Đơn vị tổ chức:


  TEL: +84-24-3247-4577

Email: [email protected]

Address: Room 702, 7th Floor, V.E.T Building, 98 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi

HP: https://nc-net.vn/