FBC ASEAN 2024 - Business Matching for Manufacturers


Connecting beyond space and time - Optimizing cost

FBC ASEAN 2024 is a trade exhibition dedicated to the manufacturing industry, organized annually with the participation of businesses from Japan, Vietnam, China, ASEAN, and more.

FBC ASEAN is a suitable platform for manufacturing businesses to effectively trade through a pre-scheduled appointment system and a combination of online and offline product exhibitions.

Time: July 17~19 2024 09:00 AM ~ 17:00 PM
Venue: Hanoi International Exhibition Center – I.C.E Hanoi
91 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
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Features of FBC ASEAN

Connect ONLINE - OFFLINE trading

Make appointments in advance and match with 300+ businesses (including 40+ buyers) in Vietnam, Japan, ASEAN… to help proactively prepare and increase trade efficiency.

Access to a network of 40,000+ manufacturing enterprises

Exhibitors can use a permanent ONLINE business connection account and a website to introduce production capacity and promote in 5 languages, on a business connection platform with 1,000,000 views/month.

Multimodal communication on a large scale

Information about the exhibition and participating businesses is continuously introduced and updated on a large scale to relevant units in Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, and China via email marketing systems and specialized magazines. manufacturing, media and social networks…

Join the circulatory business network

Beyond the framework of the exhibition, businesses continue to receive business connecting information, orders, business matching programs (ONLINE & OFFLINE), business support programs, etc.

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"FBC ASEAN is an effective networking channel"

Mr. Atsushi Okuda
Director of Shinjo Vietnam Co,. Ltd

Because of our specialized products, we do not engage in regular sales activities. FBC is a trade show specifically for the manufacturing industry, so we have decided to participate in order to introduce our products to customers. Since FBC was organized in Vietnam in 2017, we have participated every year. Initially, we only had 3-4 domestic customers, but now we have up to 50 customers.

Main activities in FBC ASEAN 2024

Business matching according to scheduled appoinments

With a maximum of 10 appointment slots per day, businesses can gather information about potential partners and schedule meetings in advance through the event’s system, preparing themselves for business opportunity exchanges. Offline exhibitors will also continue to schedule and engage in online trading in September.


STEM Robotics - Nurturing the mahufacturing industry

Ready for the leadership transition in Vietnamese manufacturing businesses, FBC ASEAN 2024 will continue to organize the “STEM Robotics” activity, which includes experiencing Robotics models and competing using self-assembled models. The winner will receive exciting prizes.


Organization information

Organizer: NC Network Group


Government agencies, business support organizations, credit institutions… in different countries.

THE BANK OF NAGOYA,LTD. / THE MIYAZAKI BANK, LTD. / FIDEA Holdings / The Aichi Bank,Ltd. / THE GIFU SHINKIN BANK / The Juroku Bank, Ltd. / THE SHIGA BANK, LTD. / SHIGA PREFECTURE / THE TOHO BANK / Fukushima Prefecture / THE HACHIJUNI BANK,LTD. / THE HYAKUGO BANK, LTD. / The Bank of Kyoto,Ltd / The Hyakujushi Bank, Ltd. / The Joyo Bank Ltd. / THE NANTO BANK, LTD. / Resona Bank, Limited. / Saitama Resona Bank,Limited / Kansai Mirai Bank, Limited / The Minato Bank, Ltd. / The San-in Godo Bank, Ltd. / THE FUKUI BANK CO,LTD.・FUKUI Pref / THE SHIMIZU BANK,LTD. / Hamamatsu Iwata Shinkin Bank / Sagamihara Industrial Promotion Foundation / KOCHI,JAPAN / Kiraboshi Bank / The 77 Bank,LTD. / City of Sendai / Miyagi Prefectural Government / Gifu Economic and Industrial Promotion Center / THE HEKIKAI SHINKIN BANK / The Shizuoka Bank,Ltd. / THE CHUGOKU BANK,LTD.



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